Transwind Tuulentuiku
Whelped: 01.07.1985

Full dentition, scissor bite

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Tuiku had a very old Scandinanian look - patterned, balanced, combined w/a rock hard topline, lovely arched neck & light effortless movement. She was admired by quite a number of breeders.
Puppy Bitch winner Sydney Royal 1986, she was shown mainly in the earlier (large entries) AHC NSW specialties where she placed 2nd, 3rd & 5th in her class among some of her many wins. 
Tuiku's first litter to Locky produced my own quite extreme looking Tuulentikka, very patterned,Tikka had incredible angles but still balanced front & rear, she moved like a dream, literally floated. Gary Grinter owned litter brother Wizard O' Ozz, Zardi was a nice effortless moving dog who was lost to a snake bite at to young an age.  Tikka succombed to a virus while over
in South Aust, while I was building (the first time) and was lost within 24 hrs at the vets. Zardi was lost a year or so later to
a snake bite at Gary's property. A third litter mate Maggie
was let out of her yard and was found dec. near the roadside.
Tuiku's second litter at a late age was by Ch Calahorra in Suede (Kent) producing a stunning b/m deep red pup - w/incredible angles & personality - just great in all aspects.
Puppy was lost to an horrific virus that he picked up during his transportation to Sydney but had been placed in a horse
stable overnight at a motel.

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